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Servall is your destination for tech-related solutions for your business. We offer a wide range of services to help your business excel.

Access Control

Control who has physical access to your business, office, or warehouse seamlessly in real-time with our access control products.

We are a platinum plus partner.

Installation Services

Our installation solutions will get you and your team running at full speed on new or upgraded hardware with little to no downtime. We provide hardware installation services that work for the business and budget. Our fully certified experts ensure you’ll get value out of your hardware and can also help train your staff on how to fully utilize and get the most out of all newly installed hardware.

Integrated Systems

Your business isn’t just the people, not just the products you sell. Your business is the networks, the applications and processes that make it all possible. Nobody understands this better than Servall. We’re obsessed with efficiency, and making sure that technology enhances your organization, and empowers your people to excel.

I.T. integration isn’t just about ensuring your network is configured correctly, and that your applications are running smoothly. I.T. is about enhancing your workflow so that your people can do what they do best, and focus on what matters.

Intrusion Alarm

Install an intrusion alarm system on your property that you can control in real-time from your phone or tablet. Receive notifications when unsuspected behaviour occurs, and control it with your voice on any Alexa or Apple mobile device.

Managed Services

Servall can support your organization in the areas of networking, desktop support, helpdesk and so much more. Whether it is in an as needed reactive support capacity for your end users, or as a partner in the ongoing management of your critical I.T. elements, Servall has you covered. We support clients large and small in a wide variety of verticals. Contact us today to discuss your custom Managed Services solution.

Smart Home

Control your home wherever you are. Turn your home into a smart home with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to control lighting, temperature, and see visitors right from your mobile device.

Structured Cabling and Deployment

Our cabling services include wiring of Cat 5e, Cat 6A, Fibre Optic and more for business spaces, commercial buildings, warehouses, boardrooms, server rooms, and more. Our end-to-end cabling service includes; testing and verification, patch panel installation, and wireless and security system wiring. An effective cabling job can help your business reduce costs, manage more effectively, and improve flexibility.

We also offer complete fibre cabling services and full installations with terminations, labelling, testing, and certified verification. Fibre cabling audits, splicing and repair service is also available, and our technicians can help you with all your fibre cabling needs.

Our team will wire up your business cleanly and efficiently for optimal results.

Video Surveillance

Servall is an established security vendor and installation partner with decades of experience in surveillance and security. Our experts can assess, design, and build out your security solutions for unparalleled levels of control and privileged access available to you 24/7 and in HD. We use our expertise to provide businesses with the best services and highest quality security camera systems.

Servall offers you seamless integration between surveillance, physical, and network security.

Wireless Installation

At Servall, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide unparalleled wireless access point installation services, as well as enterprise-grade secure WiFi solutions and WiFi security audits. Whether it’s a new installation and set up, Signal Testing, or simple Network Troubleshooting, Servall has you covered. We can service offices, multi-storey office buildings, warehouses, and even bridge connections between buildings.

We offer the best brands, the right hardware, and valuable experience at competitive rates. No matter the ask, Servall is up for the task.

Cabling and installation are done in-house!

Experience the Servall difference on your WiFi network today!

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