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Sandro Siciliano


For Sandro, “Started from the bottom, now we’re here” is more than an iconic Drake line. To him, it’s a reminder of the humble beginnings and tireless work that ultimately led him to his role as president of Servall Canada. Quality work takes time, or as he would say – piano, piano vai lontano. With 30+ years in the IT industry, his robust experience continues to strengthen his role as a leader in the tech space. Although his mind is always on the business, his heart is always with his family. His two little girls are the ones who keep him motivated day after day. That, and his passion for cars and motorcycles, of course.

Luciano Sorbara

Dealer Principal

A lot has changed in IT since the days of typing a command to start your computer. Luciano has witnessed the industry evolve from day 1, giving him a keen eye for where the industry is headed. Now, as Dealer Principal of Servall Canada, he applies his foresight and experience into the day-to-day operations. Beyond work, you can find him flexing his creativity in the kitchen, cooking for his wife and kids. Whether he’s jumping on the trampoline with his 3 boys or cruising down the great Canadian sideroads on his motorcycle, you can always expect him to cherish the little moments in life and find new ways to appreciate his surroundings.

Alex Corbett

Sales Account Executive

Some people are flowing with knowledge and others are packed with experience. Alex happens to be both. From cyber security to networking to end-user computing, his title as Sales Account Executive doesn’t begin to explain his skill set. With over 10 years of IT consulting and IT VAR experience, our clients rely on Alex when faced with logistical challenges. VMware, Cisco, and Fortinet are just a few of the many certifications Alex has earned over the years.

Dorothy Lagos

Service Coordinator

You may have heard the phrase “the customer is always right”, but Dorothy takes it to another level. Her passion for customer service is what makes her a standout member of the team and an incredible Service Coordinator. Dorothy is always willing to go the extra mile, on customer calls AND on long walks through the outdoors. Hiking, baking, and quality time with friends and family are just a few of her favourite ways to unwind and recharge.

Umberto Marziani

Service Technician

Need a superstar Service Technician? Turn to Umberto. Need a perfectly cooked steak hot off the grill? Turn to Umberto. He’s a man of many talents, with over 6 years in tech and even more experience in the kitchen. Maybe his love for aviation explains his ability to reach new heights every year with Servall Canada. A loving father of two kids, Umberto is no stranger to stress, but he knows how to problem-solve under pressure like no other.

David Saele

Sales Consultant

A successful team requires more than big credentials, you also need big hearts. Outside of his 30+ years in the IT industry, David carves out time to give back to non-profits and charities, with a particular focus in Hospice Care. Before becoming a sales consultant, he founded a BC based IT company and led them to success for 16 strong years. This unique experience makes him an invaluable contributor to the team. Outside of work, you can find him along the roads, cycling through new cities and exploring what different cultures have to offer.

Cristine Muraca


You can’t be passionate for work without first having passion for life. Cristine’s incredible work ethic is a direct result of her zest for life, just ask Oliver and Cica (her two adorable cats). Her love of computers and tech expertise is just one of the many defining qualities that make Cristine a cherished member of the team. Happily engaged to her partner of 12 years, she fills her life with movies, food, videos games, and musicals – in fact, I think I can hear her singing to one right now.

Tom Fairley

Integration Specialist

Everyone has their own idea of fun, and for Tom, that’s tinkering with technology. Some refer to him as a “Tech Collector”, constantly toying with exciting innovations and teaching himself new ways to engineer solutions. With 20+ Years in the tech industry, Tom has proven himself as more than an Integration Specialist, but as a problem solver, ready for any challenge that awaits.

Kerri Burlanyett

Operations Manager

There are fast learners, and then there are super-fast learners. She has an eye for social media, an ear for client concerns, and an energy that comforts clients through every interaction. Good thing she has her boating license, because navigating the waters of IT isn’t always easy.

Michael Sorbara

Internal Delivery Services

There is a time for work and there is a time for play. With 40 years of experience in delivery services, Michael has learned to balance both worlds to perfection. His commitment to the job is unmatched, and when you work as hard as he does, finding time to unwind is key. If he isn’t exploring new restaurants with friends or spending quality time with his family, you’ll likely find him on the links, polishing his golf game.

Dave Sly

Integration Specialist

Despite being a Rockstar Integration Specialist, you might be surprised to learn Dave is an electrician by trade. Maybe that unique understanding, coupled with his experience in access & gate controllers, is part of the secret recipe that has given him an extra edge working in installation and service for the last 30+ years. He’s the guy you turn to for many things, including any classic rock questions you need answered.

Sopheun Teng

Shipping and Receiving

When you study computer systems and tinker with new technologies as much as Sopheun has, it should come as no surprise when you end up working in the technology space. Beyond the world of Shipping and Receiving, Sopheun makes sure to carve out time for hiking new trials, Muay Thai kickboxing, video games, and cruising down the road during sunset.

Mario Rodrigo

Integrated Services/
Wireless Customer Relations

When it’s time to work, Mario enters the zone. He’s focussed, organized, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his clients are given the highest level of service and professionalism. He takes his role in Customer Relations seriously, and his career success is proof. At home, however, he has no issue unwinding with his two wonderful boys and his beautiful wife of 15 years. Whether it’s a movie on his home theatre or a bike ride on a sunny day, Mario knows how to make every moment a special one.

Maria Smith

Wireless Department

Since 2007, Maria has been working in the corporate dealer wireless channel, learning from within the country’s largest providers, like Bell and Telus mobility. Her experience in the industry, topped by her education in Business Marketing and Business Management have allowed her to grow into the role she is in today. But when work switches off, she makes way for the real fun – cooking, shopping, hockey, and of course, coffee with her closest friends.

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